KSS PATH LAB is a fully AUTOMATED and truly COMPUTERIZED pathology laboratory for ACCURATE Diagnosis With PRECISE & Accurate TESTING


With a belief that knowledge is power, we connect directly with patients to deliver their results so they have valuable health information when they need it most, we care about our people and are committed to excellence in the work.

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While we believe we are more than just numbers, the depth of our laboratories is pretty impressive.

Our BEST Health Packages!

Preparing for Your Test Help Ensure All Goes Smoothly

To reduce your wait time, complete the personal information on the form in advance. Although most routine tests are covered under your provincial health insurance plan, some tests may not be covered with knowledge is power.

Basic Package - I

This package comprises 7 Investigations

Special offer: Rs. 820.00*
Regular price : Rs. 1360.00
Appointment +Details

Fever Profile

This Package comprises 8 Investigations

Special offer: Rs. 1620.00*
Regular price : Rs. 2700.00
Appointment +Details

Total Body Profile

This Package comprises 12 Investigations

Special offer: Rs. 3580.00*
Regular price : Rs. 5960.00
Appointment +Details

Advance Diabetes Profile

This Package comprises 10 Investigations

Special offer: Rs. 4210.00*
Regular price : Rs. 7010.00
Appointment +Details

Senior Citizen Package (Male)

This Package comprises 10 Investigations

Special offer: Rs. 2770.00*
Regular price : Rs. 4610.00
Appointment +Details

Well Woman Package

This Package comprises 9 Investigations

Special offer: Rs. 3070.00*
Regular price : Rs. 5110.00
Appointment +Details

Sets The Standard For High Quality Care Since 1975

Unwavering Commitment to Excellence and Quality of our Tests and Results.

With the support of our diagnostics capabilities to deliver drug trials that are both reliable and rigorous, we're able to support clinical trial research efforts.

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